I have chosen to explore the macro photography world on my 2nd year of the photography course, simply because macro photography is about makes the photographer aware of the unnoticed things and small things and make it also “visible” to the viewers. Flowers are another passion of mine, I have a special connection since my mom was a nature lover, she was fascinated by all kind of plants and she also founded a Non Profitable Organization that runs several projects that help protect our ecosystem.

Being in a county that is home of the 10% of the world’s flowering species and the only country in the world with an entire plant kingdom inside its borders: the Cape Floral Kingdom. I couldn’t be more inspired to photograph the South Africa’s flora.

The lighting technique used of my elective project comes from the inspiration drawn from well known practitioners, such as, Harold Davis, a photographer that developed this own technique using light box to get that transparency of the flowers petals, archiving the same effect as the light painting. Richard Walker, consider himself as a Light Painter, an Australian photographer who does brilliant floral photography using the same lighting technique that I am want to master.

My aim is to keep improving and master the technique to the point that viewers will recognize my work just by looking at it, because that is my passion and I will always do my best to portray this through my photographs.